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Mobile Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What cell phone carriers does the SMS service support?
A. Due to the stringent regulations in the mobile marketing cellular arena, SMS text messages and software is heavily monitored and regulated.

The OIG/Magi7/BRGSM Mobi Managed Services SMS currently supports all the MAJOR carriers who adhere to regulatory best practices in the United States. Below is a list of the carriers:

Sprint/Nextel PCS
Virgin Mobile

Other carriers are not supported at this time due to regulatory issues. Additional carriers maybe announced in the future as regulations are adapted.

Apologies are extended to the Advertisers/Consumers not utilizing a major carrier's phone plan.

Q. What is a text message?
A. A text message is a short message that can be sent to and from a cellular phone. When someone says text, texting or SMS, or if you see TXT in print, all of these are referring to text messages.

Q. What is SMS?
A. SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service. It is a worldwide standard for communicating between cellular phones.

Q. Is there a difference between e-mail and text messaging?
A. While most phones can send and receive e-mail, e-mail is not the same as text messaging. There are many differences -- for example a text message is sent to a phone number, while an e-mail is sent to an e-mail address

Q. What is a keyword?
A.A keyword is a word or group of letters and/or numbers assigned to an account and used to identify that account. The keyword allows the account to communicate via SMS/Text messaging and to track cell phone information.

Q. How do keywords work?
A.Keywords are purchased or assigned with a Magi7 or OIG package and tied into a short code, either 62447 (Magi7) or 843664 (TheOig). Consumers can text your keyword to either assigned short code to receive information, specials and/or discounts from your business via an automated message that you control and update. The text from the consumer confirms that they are “opting-in” to your system giving you the right to communicate to them.

Q. I seem to be able to only type letters in my text message. How can I get my phone to enter numbers for the text message?
Every phone and PDA is configured differently. Please check with your carrier or refer to the User's Manual that came with your cell phone or PDA for instructions.
Q. Will it cost me money to get ads sent to my cell phone or PDA?
The Official Interstate Guide does not charge to send ads to you. However, standard text messaging rates apply. Please check with your carrier for more details about charges associated with text messaging and Web browsing (for Web enabled phones).
Q. How do I send a text message?
Every phone and PDA is configured differently. Please check with your carrier to find out if you have a phone that is capable of text messaging and to get detailed instructions.
Q. I don't know if I have a Web enabled phone -- how can I tell?
Please check with your carrier or refer to the User's Manual that came with your cell phone or PDA to determine if you have a device that is capable of surfing the Web and a plan that allows you to do so.
Q. I'm following the instructions but I keep getting a message that says, "The Mobile & Web ID you have requested has already expired or is not a working number" -- what am I doing wrong?
You may not be doing anything wrong. Check the Mobile & Web ID you are trying to access and be sure you are keying it in correctly. If you are and you still get the message above, then the ad you are trying to retrieve has expired and is no longer running in The Official Interstate Guide. (Note: You may see an ad on that is already expired in print and therefore no longer accessible via cell phone or PDA.)
Q. When I reply "1" to get an ad sent to me, I get the ad text, but where are the photos?
When you reply "1" you are electing to receive only the original ad text sent via text messaging. If you wish to view photos (if an advertiser has a mobile website), you must have a Web enabled phone and click on the link in the original text message to view a Web that will display the images.
Q. When I click on the link in the text message, sometimes ad text comes up but not any photos. How come?
All advertisers who place an ad in The Official Interstate Guide and have a Mobile package has the ability to add extra text and photos to their website, but not everyone takes advantage of the opportunity.

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