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MAGi7 provides mobile web campaigns providing you a way to interact with cell phone users anytime, anywhere.

How to use mobile web advertising

Real-Time Coupons - MAGi7 offers the ability to change a mobile coupons instantly with our real-time coupons.
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SMS/Text Messaging - Using our Auto Response Campaign Wizard with keywords (Keywords are used in SMS (Text Messaging) to help direct users to your information) provide a single, SMS response back to the end-user when the keyword is texted to a short code. Common examples include mobile coupons, info responses and other simple campaigns where a single informational response is required. Click Here to try it now.

Mobile Website Design - We build your business a mobile friendly website to promote in any form of advertising along with a .mobi domain name. More Info...

Mobile Advertising Campaigns - Our Campaign Wizard allows you to launch a wide variety of mobile messaging campaigns in minutes using our highly customizable templates. When you create a campaign using the Campaign Wizard, it will instantly be live and ready to use. More Info...

Web/Internet - We provide businesses the opportunity to provide users with information they want through either an website compatible with the mobile browsers and enable your .com site to auto detect the user device-computer, cell phone, pDA, and/or Smartphone, or a "stand alone" city guide mobile platform .mobi site.

Analytics & Tracking - This module gives you the ability to track and analyze subscriber lists by a variety of different perspective, including subscribers by Keyword, Groups or State. You can use various tools to filter the lists and drill down your data. More Info...


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