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Mobile (.mobi) Domain Name

A .mobi domain name is unique in that they are provided exclusively for websites that are designed to be used on cell phones and other mobile devices such as PDAs. Either a unique or vainity domain is provided with our services.

Why use .mobi domain?

The .mobi domain names will allow users to easily find your website that is mobile-friendly. Without a mobile conversion or optimized .com site, some opponents of the .mobi initiative have argued that a mobile web is not needed, and that mobile phones can be used to view standard websites. However, supporters of the mobile web argue that mobile devices will always have smaller display screens than desktop or laptop computers, so web pages should be rewritten, or at least reformatted, for smaller screens by using a mobile website or mobile converted web site.

Display Mobile Advertising

Eye Catching display ads can be targeted using the same wide array of options as traditional web banners (e.g. context demographics, behavioral) - and can incorporate location, which has greater importance when marketing to consumers who are 'on the go'.

Video Mobile Advertising

Video is quickly moving to the 'small screen' of the mobile phone and with it comes exciting new opportunities to entertain consumers through a rich advertising experience.


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